The Today Show Recommends for Timeshare Resales

Barbara Corcoran is both a real estate guru and a business icon, having built one of New York’s most successful real estate companies, starting with only a thousand dollar investment and a powerful determination to succeed. In 2001, Corcoran sold The Corcoran Group for $70 million.

So when The Today Show looks for a real estate expert, they frequently call on Corcoran. Last Friday morning, in a segment called, “Your Real Estate Questions,” host Natalie Morales took Corcoran through several questions posed by viewers of the show, including one about how to sell timeshare.

Corcoran stated that the best place to sell timeshare is online. She identified that there are a couple of websites that sell timeshares only, and then she listed two – one of which is

To watch the full clip with Barbara Corcoran, click here to play the video.