Good Economic News from the Hotel and Timeshare Industry

According to an article that was reprinted in HOTEL magazine and originally appeared in The New York Sun, occupancy rates in New York City are up. Isn’t it good to hear positive news about the US economy for a change?

We already knew that New York timeshares have been, like the timeshare industry in general, either holding their own or gaining, despite the sluggish economy. Many hoteliers have been leaning on the timeshare side of their businesses to keep them solid during these challenging and unpredictable times. But according to figures released last week by the official marketing and tourism organization for New York City, (known as NYC & Company,) the average cost of a hotel room in New York in May climbed by $50 over the same month in 2007.

Hotel room nights sold in New York City in May increased from 2 million last year, to 2.05 million for 2008, and the occupancy rate for the same period increased by 1 percent. Additionally, New York City’s food and beverage services and its retail sector have added 6,000 new jobs and 3,000 new jobs respectively over the past year, despite the fact that unemployment in general has increased throughout the city, as it has in the nation.

New York Hotels and New York Timeshares

Opportunities in Manhattan Club timeshare resales and timeshare rentals

Foreign travelers from many countries are still benefiting from favorable exchange rates, although the travel and tourism industries are reporting a slowdown in foreign visitors to the US, perhaps indicating that interest in US travel on discount currency has peaked. Nevertheless, there are, as always, still good values in New York timeshare resales and New York timeshare rentals that can be enjoyed no matter which legal tender you use.

Manhattan offers travelers and vacationers wonderful options in urban timeshares. Timeshare resales and timeshare rentals at the Manhattan Club and the Hilton Club are ideal options whether you are in town to see shows or to conduct business. Currently offers more than 250 Manhattan Club timeshare resales and approximately 20 timeshare resales or rentals at the Hilton Club.

Check out the New Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during your New York Timeshare Vacation

And here’s one fun place to visit during your New York timeshare vacation – next year the city plans to open a new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as an annex to the Cleveland-based Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. New York’s Mayor, Michael Bloomberg says it is only appropriate that the city that gave us rock legends including Blondie and Paul Simon should house an annex to the original Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Singer-songwriter and New York-native Billy Joel, who was also at the news conference announcing the planned museum, said, “New York gave me my words and my music, and rock and roll gave me a place for that music to live.”

Rock on, New York. The new museum is expected to boost tourism and create new jobs within the city.