Fire Destroys South African Timeshare Resort

Timeshare owners and timeshare renters at the Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge in the Pilanesberg (South Africa timeshares) were lucky to escape a disastrous fire without injury earlier this week. No lives were lost in the blaze but substantial damage was done, with many timeshare units destroyed because of the blaze, and guests losing most of the personal possessions they had in their timeshare units.

News 24 from Johannesburg, South Africa reported that guests escaped the early morning blaze with little more than the nightclothes they were wearing. One timeshare guest was quoted as saying, “My dad shouted so much that we thought there were lions in the house.” Another of the timeshare owners listed several personal traumas that she and her husband had experienced in recent months, including her own hijacking and her husband’s stroke as being reasons they had planned their timeshare vacation to relax at the Bush Lodge resort. Understandably, she described the timeshare resort fire as, “the last straw.”

The South African timeshare resort reported that they believed the fire to have started in the kitchen of the timeshare resort’s conference center, resulting from a short circuit. Kwa Maritane timeshare arranged for their guests to be transported to their sister resort, Bakubung. On the timeshare resort’s website, they have posted notice that they will be temporarily closed, but have given no information about when they may plan to reopen.

South Africa Timeshare Opportunities

Overall, timeshare in South Africa is booming, with resorts that range from safari land to beachside, to the golf and casino luxury of Sun City. offers you opportunities in timeshare resales and timeshare rentals at many of these exciting locations. And for US travelers, remember that your US dollar still spends quite well against the South African rand, making South Africa timeshares a destination where you can count on getting your money’s worth in both vacation enjoyment and value.