“I Have a Great Timeshare in Boca”

You may have seen Tina Fey, (or as she is often known these days, the Sarah Palin lookalike,) and Hollywood director Martin Scorsese in a great commercial for American Express. The premise of the commercial is that Tina Fey and Martin Scorsese cross paths in an airport, and Martin tells Tina he needs to talk to her about, “something that could be a unique opportunity,” for her.

While Fey assumes it is a movie script, the commercial, which is titled, “Airport Lounge,” closes with the revelation that Scorsese is not thinking about the, ‘next big blockbuster,’ but instead wants to talk to her about buying a timeshare in Boca.

The YouTube video below shows you this comical sixty-second spot:

A Funny Take on Timeshares

How funny is this commercial? Funny enough that American Express has also released the bonus cut from the commercial – an additional minute and fifty-three seconds that are even funnier. Watch Scorsese as he goes in for the hard sell, an approach that is all too often associated with timeshare sales.