Blow $63,000 on Hotels, or Buy Timeshare and Timeshare Resales Instead?

Finland timeshare resales at the Holiday Club Katinkulta

RCI (Resort Condominiums International) released a recent study on the British traveler’s monetary impact on the vacation, tourism, and timeshare industries. The research was commissioned by RCI in conjunction with Mintel, and it showed that Brits spend an average of 840 days in a lifetime holidaying abroad. In 2007, the average Briton went on two holidays a year, each lasting one week, spending about $1053 (US) or £665 on accommodations. This translates to £39,900 in a lifetime, or over $63,000 (US).

According to Perspective Magazine, Brett Archibald, senior vice president of business development at Group RCI in the UK, said, “During the credit crunch, timeshare represents increasingly good holiday value and although many Brits may be forced to cut back, Group RCI members can rest assured that they have budgeted in advance for a well-earned holiday. In addition, our members can choose breaks from a wide portfolio of holiday properties, such as lakeside retreats in Finland, a spa hotel in the UK, or perhaps a beach resort in Florida.”

RCI Timeshare Exchange Makes Dollars and Sense

RCI estimates that by taking advantage of timeshares and timeshare exchange, the British vacationer who predictably would have spent nearly £40,000, could save £23,000 or more (about $36,500 US) on average, per person. And buying timeshare would not restrict vacationers in their choice of resorts and destinations. With RCI Points or RCI Weeks, travelers have their pick of over 4,000 RCI affiliated timeshare resorts worldwide.

Timeshares are Good … Timeshare Resales are Better

Timeshare vacations can yield a substantial savings over comparable hotel accommodations. But with the excellent values in timeshare resales, the lifetime savings moves up to a whole other level. You can buy a resale timeshare for a 50 percent savings (sometimes more) over the price of new timeshare. Using only ballpark estimates, that indicates that the vacationer who would save $36,500 over a lifetime by switching from hotel accommodations to timeshares, could up the savings to perhaps $50,000 — $70,000 or more, by purchasing that timeshare on the resale market.

These days, I don’t know anyone with money to burn, whether they live in the US, the UK, or anywhere else on this planet. But I do know a lot of people who want, need, and deserve a little vacation time in order to maintain their health, their spirits, and their sanity. Timeshare resales have never made more sense than they do right now; timeshare resales and timeshare rentals are still an affordable vacation solution.