Palace Resorts Timeshares are All-Inclusive Mexico Timeshares

Last spring we started the countdown here on The Timeshare Authority for Sell My Timeshare NOW’s top 100 timeshare resales and timeshare rentals, based on the number of offers to buy or rent. Today we look at HOT 100 property, number 51, the multi-destination Palace Resorts timeshares in Cancun, Mexico.

Mexico timeshares are always in demand; they offer luxurious destinations and a climate that is pleasurable any time of the year. But the Palace Resorts timeshares adds one more element that you don’t always find at a timeshare – they are all inclusive resorts.

Mexico Timeshares Where One Price Pays it All

When you buy timeshare at a Palace Resort, you make vacation planning the simplest it can possibly be. Buy timeshare, and your vacation accommodations are covered, except for annual maintenance fees. All inclusive timeshares take the convenience one step further. You pay one price for your food, beverages, and many types of entertainment. You can almost leave your wallet at home. Your all-inclusive price covers meals, snacks, feasts, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, paddleboats, kayaks, snorkeling, banana boating, windsailing, windsurfing, and water biking.

Amenities will vary from one Palace Resort timeshare to the next, but most include beach access, swimming pools (often multiple pools on a property), activities for your children and child care, live entertainment, medical facilities, nearby shopping, restaurants and lounges. Typically, you will also find a sauna, exercise equipment, conference facilities, onsite auto rental, and tennis courts.

The Timing Is Right for Mexico Timeshares at the Palace Resorts

Palace Resorts timeshare resales and timeshare rentals

Considering that watching their dollars and cents is high on everyone’s priority list right now, wouldn’t it be nice to pay one price for a lifetimes of great vacation accommodations and then pay only one price for all the food and drink you wanted, with lots of entertainment options thrown in as well?

All inclusive timeshares are a unique opportunity to spend a few glorious vacation days, where you are not only getting away from your routine, but you can be on vacation from all those nagging thoughts about how much you are spending. For a change, forget about the economy and the state of the world. Head to Mexico where you can relax on the beach and eat, drink, and be merry – it’s an all inclusive timeshare!