Timeshare Sales Good News for Grand Lodge Timeshares in Breckenridge, CO

Good news about strong timeshare sales at the New Grand Lodge on Peak 7 timeshare resort.

Opportunities for timeshare resales at the Grand Timber Lodge.

The owners of Grand Timber Lodge timeshare and Gold Point timeshare, two popular Breckenridge timeshare resorts, are building a new timeshare resort – Grand Lodge on Peak 7.

Sales of timeshare units at Grand Lodge on Peak 7, are reportedly up about 10 percent over sales last year, and not because of discount pricing – sales prices are up around 20 percent. According to Rob Millisor, co-owner of the timeshare resort and a town Councilman in Breckenridge, February 2009 has been their best February yet.

Pre-Construction Timeshare Sales

Grand Lodge on Peak 7 timeshare resort is a three-phase property with a scheduled completion date of December 2010. Phase One timeshare units will be ready for vacationing in May of this year and are currently approaching sell-out. Phase Two, scheduled for completion this December, is about 35 percent sold. The third phase is expected to be ready for timeshare vacations by December 2010 with additional construction planned between 2011 and 2013.

At completion, the Grand Lodge on Peak 7 timeshare will feature 114 two-bedroom timeshare lock offs and four one-bedroom timeshare units. Phase One has 69 timeshare units.

Looking at What’s Driving these Timeshare Sales

According to an article in the Summit Daily News, Millisor attributes the timeshare company’s success to customer service. “We work long and hard and spend a lot of money creating great customer service – so I think that’s probably the number-one reason we’re successful.” Millisor describes timeshare sales as a way to, “own your vacations rather than to rent them.”

Grand Lodge on Peak 7 joins the Gold Point family of timeshare resorts.

The company says that approximately 40 percent of timeshare sales come from owners either who refer their friends to buy timeshare or who buy additional time for themselves.

Between October 2008 and February 2009, the timeshare company saw over $19 million in timeshare sales. I’d say that is pretty good business during the throes of an economic recession.

Timeshare Sales and the Local Economy

Timeshare sales themselves are good for the local economy in the long run by increasing the tax revenue base and by bringing in a predictably steady stream of vacationers who spend their dollars at restaurants, retailers, and local attractions as well as on the ski slopes. But strong timeshare sales stimulate the local economy even during the pre-construction phase.

The number of two-night mini vacations that people are taking as part of their Grand Lodge on Peak 7 timeshare sales tour have increased, up 10 percent as well. More than 10,000 mini vacation timeshare tours were given out in 2008 as part of timeshare sales for Grand Lodge on Peak 7. Each prospective buyer also receives $100 in discount premiums to use with local merchants.

Limited New Timeshare Sales in Breckenridge, but Timeshare Resales are Available

Although Grand Lodge is fully sold out, you can find good deals on timeshare resales there. The Gold Point timeshare resort, another Breckenridge vacation favorite, is also a part of this timeshare collection. Since 1998, the company has logged more than $300 million in timeshare sales.

While Grand Lodge on Peak 7 is the only Breckenridge timeshare resort available for new timeshare sales, there are plenty of opportunities for excellent values in Breckenridge timeshare resales. In addition to the Grand Lodge family of timeshares, you will find timeshare resales at Hilton Grand Vacations Club – Valdoro Mountain Lodge Timeshare and Marriott’s Mountain Valley Lodge Timeshare.