Sell My Timeshare NOW, Making the News

Sell My Timeshare NOW, a success story in timeshare resales and timeshare rentals.

Have you seen the April edition of Perspective Magazine? If you attended the ARDA Convention last week in Orlando, you had the opportunity to see an advance copy. If not, then you may have just recently read the online edition or received your print copy in the mail.

Perspective featured Sell My Timeshare NOW in a section of the publication known as “Who’s Who in the America’s?” The article is titled “The Right Time and the Right Solution for Timeshare” and looks at how Sell My Timeshare NOW’s business model for the online advertising and marketing of timeshare resales and timeshare rentals has impacted the timeshare industry and the ways people buy, rent, or sell timeshare.

Perspective explains: “By using aggressive and well-timed internet marketing strategies, Sell My Timeshare NOW drew over 25 million visitors to its website in 2008. The company achieves ‘Page 1’ position in search engines such as Google for almost any timeshare related word or phrase a consumer might use when searching the internet for timeshare information. As the company has expanded its services from by-owner online resale and rental advertising to include rental assistance services, timeshare brokerage services, and comprehensive developer solutions, it has grown from three employees to more than 160, with offices in New Hampshire and Florida.”

Calling it “Timeshare Resale Solutions, One Click at a Time,” Perspective points out that when our company was founded, almost six years ago, the internet was wide-open territory, unexplored for the real potential of timeshare owners to buy, sell, or rent timeshare via the World Wide Web. A lot has changed over the past six years, and we think it has a great deal to do with changes in marketing in general. Today’s consumer is far less inclined to be influenced in his or her buying decisions by advertising efforts than by consumer-to-consumer interactions.

Whether they are booking vacation accommodations or buying a new car, most people do at least part of their research on the internet, giving real consideration to the feedback from other consumers. All things considered, it is a positive change that today’s businesses are recognizing the impact of social media marketing, and are giving the power of decision-making back to the consumer, where it should have been all along.

Thank you Perspective for sharing our story, and thank you to all our clients and customers who have helped make Sell My Timeshare NOW a success story with exciting future chapters still to be written, and many happy endings still ahead for timeshare owners.