Timeshares May Be Your Best Choice, Says BabyBoomer-Magazine.com

In a recently published online article, BabyBoomer-Magazine.com says for seniors who like to travel, a timeshare may be a better option than an expensive hotel room. And just in case that sounds to you like old people on the road, remember that baby boomers include anyone born between 1964 and 1946, and that the typical adventure traveler in the US today is a 47-year-old female.

And here are some of the reasons BabyBoomer-Magazine.com recommends timeshare resorts:

  • Timeshares offer worldwide locations.
  • Membership (or timeshare exchange company membership) allows access to many different resorts.
  • Timeshares give you the flexibility to choose the size unit that fits your needs.
  • Variety, variety, variety. As the article says, “There are condominiums on the beach, upscale suites overlooking an award winning golf course, villas secluded by tropical foliage, or a home next to a private lagoon, complete with a private boat dock and swimming beach.”
  • Costs are more reasonable for a timeshare (especially if you buy on the timeshare resale market or rent timeshare) than staying in a hotel, and it becomes more cost efficient the longer you stay.
  • Timeshare resort tours offer you a great low-cost way to check out the property before you buy.

Timeshare Vacations a Multi-Generational Solution

You’ve read these same facts here on The Timeshare Authority blog many times before, and with the growth of ‘multi-generational’ travel, timeshares seem a better choice than ever. The Family Travel Forum explains that the advent of the sandwich generation (all those families who are caring for aging parents and growing children simultaneously) is one of the factors giving rise to the rapid increases in multi-generational travel.

In 1999, 21 percent of all travel involved grandparents, but that included trips made to visit the grandparents. By 2005, more than 35 percent of all grandparents were taking at least one annual trip that included their grandchildren. And as Tourism ROI tells us, by November 2008, 50 percent of all baby boomers traveling, were traveling with a grandchild.

Multi-generational travel can also ease the cost of the family vacation. When more adults are vacationing together, often the cost per person is reduced as both the parents and the grandparents may be contributing.

Timeshare resales and timeshare rentals have always been a good deal in vacation travel, but consider the possibilities if you share the cost between the parents and the grandparents. It’s another way to keep family vacations affordable and may be the perfect idea if you are already planning to vacation together anyway.