No News at this Caribbean Timeshare is Becoming an Anniversary Event

I can’t wait for a day when I can write about timeshare owners at the old Royal Oasis timeshare resort in the Bahamas who are leisurely relaxing poolside, enjoying their vacation ownership Bahamas timeshare property. Last June, The Timeshare Authority posted that after three years of bad news, followed by some hopeful-sounding news, all we could give timeshare owners at Royal Oasis was “no news”.

This week, in what is becoming an anniversary topic, The Freeport News posted their own story of “no new news” about happenings at this Caribbean timeshare property. Their article chronicled the events since 2004, when Hurricane Frances permanently closed the already struggling Bahamas timeshare resort. As the article concluded, “In an attempt to get an update on the Royal Oasis project yesterday, The Freeport News contacted Harcourt’s Grand Bahama office (Harcourt Development Company, the owners who purchased the property in 2007) and was told that Archer (reference to CEO Donald Archer) was out of office and, Minister of Tourism Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace did not return our call up to press time.”

Will a Thriving Resort Return at this Caribbean Timeshare Property?

The failure of this once popular Caribbean timeshare is not a typical story in the world of vacation ownership. And despite the relational damage that has occurred between the former resort management, the property’s new owners, and the individual timeshare owners, I can’t help but think that at some point in the future, there will again be a luxurious Caribbean timeshare on this property. If for any reasonthe rebuilding of a successful Bahamas timeshare fails to happen here, it will not be because of lack of effort on the part of the owners association or of the Bahamian government. Both groups having put forth extensive efforts to support the return of a successful and thriving resort at this Caribbean timeshare property.

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