Ritz-Carlton Destination Club Fractionals Expanding their Offerings to Include Points

This week, in the Orlando Business Journal, staff writer Christopher Boyd, covers a new feature offered by the Ritz-Carlton Destination Club, one that brings the already overlapping concepts of timeshare and fractionals even closer together.

As of April 28, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company has added a destination club option that allows buyers to purchase vacation ownership points; previously all Ritz-Carlton Destination Club membership purchased fractional ownership in a fixed property. The new ‘points ownership’ with Ritz-Carlton will give members access to Ritz’s properties worldwide.

According to the Orlando Business Journal article, the company believes that the new vacation property points ownership will increase the appeal of the high-end Ritz-Carlton fractionals, and will attract people who do not wish to be tied to a single piece of real estate. Quoting David Short, regional vice president for sales at Ritz-Carlton Destination Club, the article says, “Points give you much more flexibility. They allow people to customize each trip to their own needs.”

Points ownership pricing through Ritz-Carlton Destination Club ranges from $100,000 to $800,000.

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Source: Orlando Business Journal