Canadians Dream of Owning Vacation Property, Many Say They Want to Buy Canada Timeshare

The Royal LePage 2009 Recreational Property Report was released this week revealing some interesting trends and vacation ownership preferences among Canadians.

According to the report, the dream of many Canadians to own recreational property has not diminished, despite the downturn economy. A media release from Royal LePage Real Estate Services showed that Canadians see vacation property ownership as both an investment and as a source of vacation enjoyment. The feeling is so strong, they are willing to make a variety of different sacrifices in order to own a cottage, cabin, or chalet.

Phil Soper, president and CEO of Royal LePage Real Estate notes that increasing traffic, overcrowding, and congestion in cities seems to be driving the intense desire of many Canadians to own recreational property, particularly lakeside property, for which the survey respondents showed a 68 percent preference above all other vacation destinations.

Among the survey respondents living in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, while fifty percent would prefer to individually own a cottage on a lake as their first choice, twenty-two percent would like to buy Canada timeshare.

The Attraction of Canada Timeshare and Why Timeshare Makes So Much Sense

Globally, many people must share the feelings of these Canadians. Work environments grow more hectic and pressured. The daily commute is increasingly stressful and time consuming. We are worried about our jobs, our futures, and our families, and at a time many people feel they can least afford a vacation; they actually need it the most.

Canada timeshares are some of the more outstanding in the world offering lakeside retreats, spectacular ski resorts, and to the surprise of many, some of the best golf destinations in North America. While owning a cabin in the Canadian woods may seem ideal for many people, once they have fully considered their responsibilities that go with property ownership, they realize that to buy Canada timeshare affords them all the pleasures of vacation ownership, without the hassle of handling maintenance and upkeep themselves. Canada timeshares are an ideal solution to pay for only the days and nights you actual use your vacation property.

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