Disney Timeshare Owners and Guests Can Interact With Nature in a Very Special Way

Guests and timeshare owners at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort timeshare have the opportunity to participate in a very special way with the annual march to the sea of hatchling baby turtles. Sea turtles have been on earth, essentially unchanged, for more than 100 million years. Each summer, in a dramatic demonstration of genetic imprinting, thousands of baby sea turtles of the green and the loggerhead species hatch on the beaches of Florida’s coasts, many on the beaches near Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, a Florida timeshare just south-east of Orlando.

Because as few as 1000 hatchling turtles will make it through the trek from hatching on the beach to returning to the ocean, (that’s one hatchling surviving out of every 1000 eggs) conservationists take extreme measures to protect the baby turtles, attempting to ensure that as many as possible survive. There are very strict laws in many coastal cities regarding lighting that is visible from the beach as it disorients the baby turtles, sometimes causing them to believe they are walking toward moonlight reflecting off the ocean, when in reality they are headed in exactly the wrong direction.

Disney’s Vero Beach Timeshare for Very Special Vacation Memories

To help their timeshare guests and timeshare owners at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort share in the annual turtle migration, Disney Vacation Club offers a program called Adopt-a-Nest. Partnering with the Caribbean Conservation Corporations and the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, timeshare owners and other guests who donate $50 per nest receive a special package of Disney mementos, and the certificate for the nest number and the nest location, of their “adopted” turtles. If their turtle adoptees hatch during the participant’s vacation, then they may get to experience the event firsthand, but if not, they can track online the activities at the turtle nest site by going to this website: Disney Conservation.

Imagine how special it would be to watch the tiny turtles in their moonlit march to the sea; think of the memories your whole family will enjoy. Being part of such a momentous event, takes the magic of a Disney timeshare or Disney timeshare resale vacation to a whole new level.