Timeshare Vacations with a Back Up Plan

Are you concerned about vacationing in a Florida timeshare, Mexico timeshares, or other coastal destinations during hurricane season?

With a nod to the fact that it is officially hurricane season, NOAA’s National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center, says the US can expect a, “50 percent probability of a near-normal season. … Forecasters say there is a 70 percent chance of having nine to 14 named storms, of which four to seven could become hurricanes, including one to three major hurricanes (Category 3, 4 or 5).”

Researchers at North Carolina State University echo a similar thought stating, “2009 will bring a near-normal hurricane season, with storm activity in the Atlantic basin and the Gulf of Mexico slightly above the averages of past 50 years, but staying in line with those from the past 20 years (and) … 11 to 14 named storms forming in the Atlantic basin, which includes the entire Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. …the researchers expect two to four named storms to make landfall along the Gulf, and there is a 70 percent chance that at least one of those storms will be of hurricane status.”

Okay, that’s the weather report. And while the prediction is for a ‘near normal‘ hurricane season, one could ask, “what’s so normal about a hurricane?” So if the threat of inclement weather interfering with your timeshare vacation concerns you, there are ways to create a safety net.

Peace of Mind for Your Timeshare Vacation in Florida Timeshare, Mexico Timeshare and other Beach Locations

The good news is that hurricanes rarely sneak up on you. With the meteorological and technological advancements available today, forecasters do an excellent job of letting you know in advance when a hurricane could be a potential threat. If you pay attention to the forecasts given, and follow the advice of the authorities, you should always have adequate time to evacuate an area well in advance of a storm.

But abandoning a much-anticipated Florida timeshare or Mexico timeshare vacation isn’t a fun prospect. Your lost time, lost money, and lost vacation can’t be put back together again.

… This is where travel insurance comes into play.

Sell My Timeshare NOW does not sell, or have any affiliation with timeshare travel insurance products. But, we are passing on the word that these products are out there, that there are many types of travel insurance and a few, such as Nationwide’s Vacation Guard, that offer insurance specifically designed to meet the needs of timeshare owners and timeshare vacationers.

Because your timeshare vacation should be about peace of mind.