ARDA Timeshare Association Calls for Family Stimulus Plan

The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) launched a new website last year dedicated to helping people “vacation better”. Appropriately named, this site reminds us all that we desperately need to vacation better, and that means vacationing with more frequency, more regularity, and under more relaxing circumstances.

As Howard Nusbaum, ARDA president and CEO says, “Unfortunately vacation is one of the first things people give up when times get tough economically, and with that goes some of the best quality time you can get with your family.” He continues by reminding us, “Tough times are when people need (to) connect to their families even more, and it can be done very economically.”

In a recent ARDA survey of website visitors at, nearly half said they felt that quality time with their family was lacking. The feedback led ARDA to launch “The Family Stimulus Plan,” as a way to help people easily plan successful vacations.

ARDA reminds us that timeshares make vacation planning especially convenient. When you own timeshare, you will be far less likely to eliminate or postpone your vacation—after all, your vacation accommodations are either paid for (or are part of a payment plan) and probably already scheduled. Since so many timeshare resorts offer lots of onsite entertainment and activities, you can even enjoy a fabulous vacation without ever leaving the property. In fact, the convenience of kitchens and eat-in dining (available in so many timeshare units and timeshare condos) means that meals during your timeshare vacation don’t have to cost a bit more than you spend on groceries at home.

As the vacation specialists at ARDA and remind us, “It’s a proven fact that people who spend time away reap health benefits far beyond that week or two of vacation. Vacations are not a luxury, but a necessity for good health and well-being.”

Click here to download your VacationBetter Family Stimulus Plan from ARDA.