New Update on Missing Westgate Timeshare Employee, Jennifer Kesse

Since the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse three years ago, The Timeshare Authority blog has tried to keep you updated on developments in this very sad and mystifying case.

Kesse, then 24 years old, went missing on January 24, 2006, from Orlando where she lived and worked for Westgate Timeshare. All signs of Jennifer seem to vanish around 7:30 AM on a busy Tuesday morning, as she was preparing for work or perhaps had already left.

A massive local and national search campaign has been carried out by her family and friends, turning up remarkably little. The police hold her case as ACTIVE and continue to aggressively search for any information about her disappearance. At one point, David Siegel, founder and CEO of Westgate timeshare, where Jennifer was employed in accounting, even offered a quarter million dollar reward for information that led to her safe return.

Last week, approximately 70 highly trained professionals searched an area in Orlando near Kesse’s condominium, in response to possible new information from a confessed murdered, currently awaiting sentencing in an Orlando jail.

Anyone with information that might help in solving this case can call the Orlando Police Department at (407) 246-2470 or the Kesse family tip line at (407) 722-2162.

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