Silverleaf Timeshare Resorts Announces Changes on its Board of Directors

Silverleaf timeshare, a family-favorite timeshare resort with more than a dozen properties, announced last week that Michael A. Jenkins will rejoin its Board of Directors to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of Janet Whitmore.

Jenkins, who is the President of Leisure and Recreation Concepts, Inc., served as a member of the Silverleaf timeshare Board of Directors from 1997 to 2002. The Board of Directors has also designated Herbert B. Hirsch, already a Silverleaf Timeshare Board Member, as the audit committee financial expert.

Silverleaf Timeshare, a Popular Drive-to Timeshare Vacation Option

The first seven Silverleaf timeshare resort properties were Texas timeshares and Missouri timeshares, opened in 1989. Then in 1997, the company went public; that same year it opened Timber Creek Resort to serve the St. Louis, Missouri market and Fox River Resort to serve vacationers from the Chicago, Illinois area.

One of Silverleaf timeshare’s most popular resorts is the Oak N’ Spruce Resort that serves the New England/New York market. In 1999, Apple Mountain Resort opened in the Blue Ridge Mountains, attracting vacationers from the Atlanta area. In the past decade, Silverleaf timeshare has added a beachside Galveston timeshare (Texas); an Orlando timeshare, (the Ocean Breeze Resort); and the Pinnacle Lodge, for Winter Park, Colorado ski vacations.

Silverleaf timeshare has opted for a unique strategy, building many of its resorts in beautiful, but sometimes lesser known destinations, located where high density populations can visit them easily – often within a convenient one-day or half-day drive. The idea of owning drive-to timeshare sounds better than ever to many budget-tight vacationers, which means that the idea of owning a drive-to timeshare resale looks absolutely fantastic.

Silverleaf Timeshare Resale Opportunities: