Could Twitter Improve Your Timeshare Vacation?

It’s hard to say with certainty that tweeting or ‘twittering’ could resolve issues you are having with travel as you head off to your timeshare, but it seems it might be worth a try. Michelle Higgins recently wrote an article that appeared in both The New York Times and in Hotels Magazine. She pointed out her own newfound respect for the power of twittering as a way to get attention when you are confronted with travel challenges.

Here’s one of the examples Michelle Higgins wrote about:

  • Tony Wagner, his wife, and 2-year-old child were flying JetBlue from Washington DC to San Francisco. When he learned that the three family members were not seated together he first contacted JetBlue customer service and was told to take the matter up at the gate.
  • So he tweeted. “@jetblue Advice to get both parents and 2 yr old seated next to each other on flight later today? Right now only one parent. Full flight.”
  • In less than 20 minutes, Tony had received a direct message from JetBlue asking him to contact them; his ticket problem was soon resolved.

Does this tell us that your voice resonates louder with companies when they know it is being magnified exponentially by the power of social media? Who knows for sure; right now it is a changing business world where even the models for customer service are being redefined dramatically by everything from the economy, to the internet, to our personal perspectives.

So who is tweeting and, more importantly, paying attention to what you tweet?

Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, and Starwood, to name a few of the hotel and timeshare resort companies that are now on Twitter. Several airlines, restaurants, and online travel services can be found there as well. And you’ll also find Sell My Timeshare NOW on Twitter: @VacationHotDeal… because we are paying attention to what matters to you.