Timeshares in New Orleans’ Amazing Floating City

Imagine a floating city, rising 1200 feet in the air, designed to generate its own electricity, withstand hurricane winds, and eliminate the need for automobiles within its structure. This is the vision for the New Orleans Arcology Habitat, (NOAH) and if you think it looks like something out of The Matrix, you are right.

Now imagine owning timeshare there.

The project has been proposed for placement in the Mississippi River gulf, adjacent to the commercial district of downtown New Orleans. With an estimated 30 million square feet at build out, the NOAH project would include 20,000 rental condos, three hotels, and 1500 timeshare units, with the timeshare averaging 1100 square feet each.

The proposal also includes 3 casinos; 500,000 square feet of commercial space; parking for 8,000 cars; cultural facilities; public works; schools; admin offices; and a hospital.

I can’t say if or when this will come to fruition, but when you consider the visionary construction that has been undertaken in Dubai at “The Palm” and the Dubai Tower, (which both offer Dubai timeshare) we shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss this as “overly futuristic”. New Orleans timeshares have always been a popular vacation destination and one can only imagine the interest that timeshares within this environmentally green, hurricane resistant, innovative property could create.

Tangram 3DS LLC, (a firm specializing in visualization and computer animation) is responsible for creating the computer-generated images and partnering with the designer Kevin Schopfer to visualize his concepts throughout the design process. Here’s a video look at a rendering of the exterior of this amazing structure, courtesy of Tangram 3DS LLC: