Holidays are Coming, How About Planning a Timeshare Holiday?

Maybe vacation time for your family was slim this summer as everyone counted their pennies and watched their dollars, but you could make up for it by planning an unforgettable family Thanksgiving, Christmas, or winter holiday. All it takes is a great deal on a timeshare resale, or timeshare rental, and a family ready for some relaxation and recreation.

Before you say, “No timeshares for Turkey Day,” let’s give this a closer look. For many families, Thanksgiving means everyone piles in at Grandma’s house for food and football. While Grandma—or whoever is the lucky family member to host the traditional frenzy—claims to love the event, we all know there’s an overload of angst, vacuuming, and food prep involved in the process. And unless Grandma’s house is the size of small motel, many family get-togethers involve inflatable air mattresses and showers only on alternating days as too many people try to fit in a space that is too small to enjoy.

Solution: Turkey Dinner at Your Timeshare

Now think about the next family holiday if you spent it at a gorgeous timeshare resort. Your options are practically unlimited. The families with all the cousins could opt to share a three or even four-bedroom timeshare unit designed to sleep 12 to 16 people. Maybe the snorers in the bunch would choose (or be relegated to) a studio timeshare, while the young couples who want their privacy or have the baby that wakes up at all hours would decide that the lock-out side of the timeshare unit is just right for them. The point is, timesharing gives you choices to select as much or as little togetherness as you and your extended, blended, or happily-ever-after family like.

With a full-size kitchen, you can still take on turkey preparation but you might decide that this year, someone else can deal with cooking and clean up. Maybe you’ll choose to dine out or to bring catering into your timeshare. Either way, you can kick back with a turkey leg and enjoy the view, the football game on the flat screen TV, or the children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews who are absolutely thrilled that this year, when the pumpkin pie is finished, they’ll be swimming, snorkeling, biking, or perhaps skiing and snowboarding. A timeshare holiday is an excellent way to plan a vacation that suits the needs of family members of all ages and interests. Best of all, it doesn’t have to break the bank.

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