Families are an Important Reasons for a Timeshare Vacation

Vacations are a great way to enjoy family time.

Yesterday marked the start of National Family Week in the United States. The event, organized by the Alliance for Children and Families, is dedicated to the building of strong families and this year coincides with Thanksgiving week. The association urges individuals, families, schools, corporations, communities and policymakers to get involved in activities and policies that support and nurture family bonds. Your efforts count, whether it is something as simple as writing a thank you note to someone who helps your family, or as broad reaching as changing corporate policy or state laws to better support the interests of the family unit.

Here on The Timeshare Authority blog, we frequently bring up the importance of family time shared together. Schedules are hectic in most households, jobs, school, and an overload of activities can all get in the way of parents spending time with their children, and couples spending time together.

As ARDA’s companion website, VacationBetter.org reminds us, “Today’s hyper-busy lifestyle can take its toll on relationships as evidenced by high divorce rates in the United States. According to a recent survey by VacationBetter.org, seventy-two percent of respondents listed time away with their spouse as one of the best ways to reconnect and rekindle romance within the marriage. The quality of leisure time with one’s partner is strongly related to marital satisfaction. Even more, satisfaction with leisure time is one of the most important factors in one’s overall quality of life. And regular vacations are an important part of a couple’s overall “leisure portfolio.”

Timeshare Resales and Timeshare Rentals Make Vacationing Easier

Money is tight in millions of homes, but children have a way of growing up quickly and all too soon being out of our lives. Childhood is fleeting but precious family memories last a lifetime for both you and your children. Fun filled vacation days, are perfect for making memories and for leaving the distractions of the world far behind.

This week’s going to be a busy one for most people. Yet somewhere after the turkey and football, why not spend some time perusing the excellent deals available in timeshare resales and timeshare rentals? You can start planning that very special (and affordable) family vacation now.