Own Timeshare? Don’t Try This …

There are many things you can do with your timeshare. You can, of course, vacation in it. You can use it for business travel or as a business gift to your best customers or clients. You can also sell timeshare, exchange timeshare, rent timeshare, and even donate timeshare.

But clearly the one thing you don’t want to ever do is use timeshare to bribe a judge. Here’s one timeshare owner’s unfortunate story:

In 2003, a San Diego man and wife were in the midst of a complicated, high-stakes divorce. When the husband in the divorce proceeding began to feel that there were just too many unexplainable and unfair rulings, including the voiding of the pre-nup agreement, which in itself cost him more than $20 million in stocks.

So the man began to do some investigating and discovered that the judge in the case had received a California timeshare at the Warner Springs Ranch as a gift from a friend, who just happened to have received it from the attorney representing the wife in this divorce hearing. Although the judge eventually disqualified himself over the conflict of interest, jurors ruled that damage was already done.

Last week, in a civil suit, the divorced man was awarded $800,000 in attorney fees when the jury found the generous attorney “negligent.”

Clearly, there are some instances in which it is a better idea to sell timeshare than to give it away under the wrong circumstances.

Source: 10News.com San Diego