Further Proof that Timeshares Deserve More Respect

With record levels of unemployment, many people are looking for ways to add to their credentials, expand their options, and increase their appeal to prospective employers. Although there have been layoffs and cutbacks in the timeshare industry (primarily linked to the impact of declining credit lines for expansion or consumer financing), there are still new job opportunities in timeshare management, timeshare sales, and timeshare resales, and certainly reason to believe there will be even more timeshare industry opportunities as the economy rebounds.

A College Degree in Timeshares

So are you aware that you can earn a Bachelor of Science degree with a specialization in Vacation Ownership and Timeshare Management? That’s right….not just a college degree in hospitality management, but an actual specialization in timeshare.

One university offering this targeted program is Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. As the university describes its program:

“Vacation ownership and timeshare management is one of the fastest-growing segments of today’s hospitality industry, and with the largest portion of timeshare units in the U.S. located here in Florida, students in the college obtain a first-hand look at the latest industry trends. Many hotels and independent organizations throughout the world are now involved in vacation ownership and timeshare management property development, and the curriculum in this specialization focuses on not only the principles of vacation ownership and timeshare management, but the operations and strategies to best succeed in the industry as well.”

Timeshares and Vacation Ownership are a Changing Industry

At Sell My Timeshare NOW, we have always believed that timeshares and vacation ownership have not begun to reach their true potential. There are millions of timeshare owners who consistently report high levels of satisfaction with the product, but they are not necessarily the ones you hear about in the media.

As I have said before, yes, there are timeshare scams and timeshare fraud. There are, from time to time, individuals who will take your money and offer you nothing but empty promises in return. But unfortunately, there are unethical people and bad apples in every industry. While bad news tends to make headlines, there are millions of happy timeshare owners and timeshare renters vacationing, and enjoying timeshare ownership that will never be headline news.

Don’t be fooled. Timeshares are a strong industry that bring a great deal of satisfaction to many people, and if you are looking for a new career path, they could be an ideal direction for you.