The Timeshare Vacation Safety Net

Last week, Ireland’s biggest travel agency, Budget Travel, closed its doors, applying to the UK’s High Court to have the company placed into provisional liquidation. With some help from those administering the company’s affairs, all travelers stranded by the action appear to now be headed onward to their destination. A telephone helpline has been established (phone: 01 6613122) to deal with travel problems or anyone in need of a refund for his or her prepaid travel plans made through Budget Travel.

And if it is not unnerving enough to learn that one of the UK’s largest and oldest travel agencies has filed for what in the US, we would call bankruptcy, let’s look at these related warning:

The Travel Mole cites research from Pricewaterhouse Coopers, saying, “The rate of travel company insolvencies was 13 percent higher in the first nine months of this year than the same period in 2008.This is despite the collapse of XL (a major British tour and travel operator) last year.” says, “Travel experts have warned of a, ‘ticking time bomb‘ for travel companies as Ireland’s biggest tour operator goes to the wall.”

With forewarnings such as these, for travelers to or from the US, booking travel arrangements with UK travel companies may create a level of uncertainty. And while staying in a timeshare resale or timeshare rental doesn’t eliminate the problem of air travel and other transportation booked via a travel agency that might be bankrupt by the time your holiday rolls around, it does solve the problem of whether you will have accommodations when you get there.

Timeshare Resale Solutions for Travelers

When you buy timeshare resales or book a timeshare rental directly from the owner, you are bypassing any middleman or third party who could potentially be out of business before you get ready to travel. Even when your timeshare resale involves the use of a timeshare broker, you have still bought your property directly from the individual who presently owns it, with the timeshare broker involved only to facilitate the timeshare sales transaction.

Schedule a timeshare rental vacation, and you have the same assurances. You may be using a website, such as Sell My Timeshare NOW, or working directly with one of our timeshare rental specialists, but your actual vacation accommodations come from the person who currently owns the timeshare. With either approach, you eliminate the worry that your travel agency will be defunct by the time you need them.

Timeshare resales and timeshare rentals don’t resolve all of a vacationer’s concerns, but if you have never experienced timesharing, you are going to be amazed at how many problems they do remove.

Timeshares mean minimal vacation planning, spacious accommodations, worldwide destinations, and peace of mind assurance that your room or condo will be ready and waiting when you arrive.