TATOC Announces More Info on 2010 Timeshare Conference

TATOC (The Association for Timeshare Owners Committees) has released more information about its upcoming 2010 annual timeshare conference. This year’s event is scheduled from Friday, March 26 to Sunday, March 28, 2008, and will be hosted at the Nottingham Belfry in Nottingham, England. Note: this is a rescheduled date for the event in order not to conflict with the ARDA 2010 Convention and Expo.

TATOC is one of the European timeshare industry’s oldest and most respected timeshare associations and was established with a mission to, “… safeguard and enhance the timeshare holiday experience for existing and prospective users and to be the voice of owners.” Last year’s TATOC Timeshare Conference, held in Warrington, England, was an outstanding success, a pleasure to attend, and a unifying and uplifting event for timeshare industry participants. Word is, this year’s conference will be even better.

The TATOC Conference is open to attendance by TATOC members and nonmembers, and for sponsorship participation.

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