Timeshare Owners Flexing their Muscles? Not Likely

If left alone, nature will in her own time spread certain species of fish and aquatic life from one lake to the next. Frequently birds will inadvertently carry small fish, fish eggs, or live shellfish between lakes. Strong winds, animals that wander into the water’s edge, and flooding are all other ways cross-contamination between bodies of water can occur.

…But timeshare owners can cause the situation too, according to environmental experts in Minnesota.

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Timeshare owners, timeshare renters, vacation home owners, and all the local residents who launch a boat in multiple lakes or rivers without washing it in between outings, contribute to an escalated spread of species in a way that is not always good. Which brings up the matter of zebra mussels.

According to EchoPress, an online publication in Alexandria, Minnesota, zebra mussels were discovered in the Alexandria lakes area this past summer, much to the concern of many locals who fear the mussels will destroy the ecosystems of the lakes.

“Zebra mussels are not the death of a lake,” Doug Jensen, an aquatic species program coordinator with Minnesota Sea Grant stated. “A lake may change drastically, but zebra mussels won’t kill our lakes.”

According to Jensen, there are tens of thousands of species that have migrated to the beautiful lakes of west central Minnesota, including purple loosestrife, spiny and fishhook waterfleas, rusty crayfish, bighead and silver carp, flowering rush, and Eurasian watermilfoil.

But Jensen suggests the solution is as simple as educating the public, “…including businesses, lakeshore homeowners, fishing tournament organizers, resort owners, timeshare holders and state park employees and visitors. If you want to learn more about challenge and its solutions, contact the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Invasive Species Program at 1-888-MINNDNR (6466-367).

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