Westgate Timeshare Founder’s Spouse Joins in the Buzz about Elin and Tiger Woods

It seems like everyone is trying to get into the conversation about Tiger Woods these days, including Jacqueline Siegel, wife of Westgate timeshare developer, David Siegel.

Both the Siegels and the Woods live in the gated community of Isleworth on the southwest side of Orlando, just in the edge of the otherwise quiet town of Windermere. Last week, the Orlando Sentinel quoted Mrs. Siegel as saying this of Elin Woods, wife of Tiger Woods, “I see her in the neighborhood jogging or pushing her babies in a double stroller. She’s a very healthy mother. She looks wonderful for having two babies in a row.”

According to the Sentinel, Siegel went on to say, “She seems to be a really sweet, maybe shy type of person. I’ve tried to get a few favors from her for some of our events, but didn’t have any luck. She’s more the type of mother who stays home and takes care of the children when her husband goes out. She doesn’t go out to a lot of clubs.”

While the much of the world waits, hoping to catch a glimpse of either Elin or Tiger Woods (despite the fact that security is tight in the exclusive community) boaters who frequent the Butler Chain of Lakes on which Wood’s home is located have been known to spot them (in the past) or other celebrity residents of the community. Situated just north of Arnold Palmer’s famed Bay Hill Golf Course, Isleworth is not far from the attractions area of Central Florida and many of the most popular Florida timeshare destinations including: Orlando’s Sunshine Resorts, Orlando International Resort Club, Cypress Harbour, Cypress Pointe At Lake Buena Vista Timeshare, Cypress Pointe Grand Villas Timeshare, and Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa Phase I Timeshare