Google Maps Plus SeaWorld Make Timeshare Vacation Planning More Fun than Ever

Are you planning a timeshare vacation that includes a trip to one of the SeaWorld theme parks? Interactive maps of the SeaWorld parks in San Diego, San Antonio, and Orlando, along with Discovery Cove, (a swim-with-dolphins resort) and Aquatica, (SeaWorld’s water park) are now all available online.

Using Google “trikes,” Google’s Street View team created maps of almost every inch of the five SeaWorld theme parks. The trikes are essentially human-powered, three-wheeled bicycles equipped with high-tech cameras for gathering photographs throughout the SeaWorld parks. After each park is photographed from a few zillion angles, the images are “blended” using Google software to produce interactive 360-degree views, similar to what you may already be familiar with on Google’s street maps.

To find the SeaWorld maps, go to and enter the name of the park you want to search.

And to plan your timeshare vacation accommodations for any of the three popular SeaWorld Park destinations, go to: San Diego timeshare, San Antonio timeshare, or Orlando timeshare.

The next two Sea World parks scheduled for mapping are Busch Gardens in Tampa and Water Country USA in Williamsburg, VA. But once again, your vacation planning will be easy; you can map out your days thanks to Google, and schedule convenient timeshare vacation accommodations in a St. Petersburg timeshare (Tampa area) or Williamsburg timeshare.