A White Christmas at Your Key West Timeshare?

Just because it has never snowed (in the history of National Weather Service recordkeeping) in the Florida Keys doesn’t mean this won’t be the year it happens—at least according to The Weather Channel.

If you tune in to The Weather Channel you know that they have been promising one viewer a “Guaranteed White Christmas.” And since snow-making assistance won’t be needed by much of the US this year, the honor was appropriately won by a Florida Keys resident.

Opportunities in Key West timeshare for a very special Christmas.

Thanks to his winning video, Howard Livingston is assured that his front yard will be blanketed with tons of snow for Christmas. A Wisconsin-based special effects company will create the snow using shaved ice. Throughout the day, Christmas Day, The Weather Channel’s Adam Berg will be broadcasting live from the scene of the ‘snowfall’.

What did Livingston do to merit such an honor? He created a video explaining how much he would like to share a white Christmas with his grandson, demonstrating how in the past he has tried to create his own snow with a blender powered by a 1952 Johnson outboard motor, (which is really pretty difficult to imagine!)

Your Key West Timeshare Vacation

If you have a Key West timeshare vacation planned for Christmas, you might get to witness the first ‘snowfall’ in the Florida Keys. Otherwise, you will just have to make do with white sand, a sparkling aqua blue ocean, tropical flowers, and balmy breezes—the kind of pleasures that Key West timeshares and Florida Keys timeshares vacations are made of.