Before and After Look at a Florida Timeshare Transformation

Before and After Look at a Florida Timeshare Transformation

The Lubner Group, an internationally respected design firm responsible for the outstanding design, refurbishing, and décor at some of your favorite, timeshares, hotels, and resorts, recently completed work on a very unique project at The Coconut Beach Resort, a Key West, Florida timeshare. (See: The Lubner Group Completes Renovation on Key West Timeshare).

In addition to revitalizing an already beautiful resort, this project carried unique historic significance. The Coconut Beach Resort property was once owned by the late Senator John Spottswood and has been a landmark property in the community. Over the years, the property has been  further developed by the Spottswood family and The Sita Group, the marketing firm owned by John Sims and Fawni Spottswood. The Spottswood family has been a cornerstone of Key West real estate, politics, and society for more than 150 years. The Spottswood Companies, Inc. and its affiliates own all or partial interest in multiple hotels, timeshare, marina and other commercial properties in the Florida Keys and throughout the US.

The video below takes you through the renovation and refurbishment of  The Coconut Beach Resort. Fawni Spottswood, Vice President Spottswood Hotels, says, “We are totally delighted with the finished product. Nancy did a tremendous job representing the ambiance and character of our historical architecture and natural surroundings, while preserving our resort’s charm with a design theme that is all about guest comfort and relaxation. Throughout the entire renovation process, the Lubner Group maintained the highest possible levels of integrity, professionalism and dedication to completing our job on time and within our budget. The new units have been extremely well received by owners and guests and will play an important role in increasing rental revenues in the future.”

View the video to see the transformation at The Coconut Beach Resort, which has now been named as an Interval International Select Resort.

The Lubner Group Completes Renovation on Key West Timeshare

The Lubner Group Completes Renovation on Key West Timeshare

The internationally respected Lubner Group has recently completed property renovation and the installation of new furnishings for five “Old Conch” styled buildings at the Coconut Beach Resort.

Always charming, the Coconut Beach Resort, a Key West, Florida timeshare, now has a total renovation to enhance its timeless Old Florida appeal. Located on the Atlantic side of Key West, Coconut Beach Resort timeshare offers ocean views from breezy verandahs, in a quiet haven, nestled among lush tropical landscaping and gardens.

The iconic resort’s facelift was handled by The Lubner Group, which is internationally respected for its hospitality and commercial design work. The renovation and refurbishing was handled under the direction of Nancy Woodhouse, IDS, Lubner Group’s Vice President of Design & Product Development who says, “Our intention at Coconut Beach Resort was to embrace an easy living lifestyle by designing and crafting comfortable, yet durable pieces that are eco-friendly. It was important to achieve a timeless design that would last many years, reflecting the vibrant color palette and charm of Key West while preserving the inspiration of the original property, which the owners requested. An extra touch included the addition of custom logo inspired hardware and hand-etched mirrors for each unit.”

The five buildings of the Coconut Beach Resort vacation ownership property offered unique challenges, as two of the buildings were previously single-family homes, and room sizes at the property range from 800 to 1,150 square feet, with differing ceiling heights. Foremost in the project was blending the existing historic, Victorian gingerbread architecture of the buildings with a fresh and updated tropical design that invites guests to relax in serene tranquility.

The results at this charming Florida timeshare? Well, see for yourself in these beautiful photos. And to learn more about how The Lubner Group created this and other resort transformations, visit us tomorrow here on The Timeshare Authority blog.

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Timeshare Resorts Tech-Up with Triton Timeshare Software

Timeshare Resorts Tech-Up with Triton Timeshare Software

The Sarasota, Florida-based technology solutions provider, Triton Timeshare Software, has announced three new clients: The Lucayan Resort (Ocean City, Maryland); Emerald Isle Condominiums (Hot Springs, Arkansas); and The Banyan Resort (Key West, Florida). Opportunities in Emerald Isle Condominium timeshare resales and timeshare rentals.

Each of these resorts will be using Triton’s Property Management System, an integrated software suite with real time capabilities, even functional from PDA’s.

Dale Goodman, President, Goodmanagement whose company uses Triton’s products for 11 of the timeshare resorts it manages, says, “We chose Triton for The Lucayan because we know they always deliver both definition and execution. There are a lot of moving parts in resort operations, and Triton makes sure we stay interconnected through its user-friendly and intuitive system. We’ve been with Triton since 2005 and they continue to amaze us with their efficient installation, professional staff and 24/7 support.”

When your timeshare resort management puts technology solutions to work, everyone benefits because systems run more efficiently and your timeshare ownership experience and days spent in timeshare vacation become more pleasant and easier than ever to enjoy.

As Delaina Probus-Staley, President of Triton, says, “We are proud our Property Management System is working so seamlessly in so many locations. Our product is becoming rapidly sought-after and we hear that it is in part due to our learning tools and training.”

A White Christmas at Your Key West Timeshare?

A White Christmas at Your Key West Timeshare?

Just because it has never snowed (in the history of National Weather Service recordkeeping) in the Florida Keys doesn’t mean this won’t be the year it happens—at least according to The Weather Channel.

If you tune in to The Weather Channel you know that they have been promising one viewer a “Guaranteed White Christmas.” And since snow-making assistance won’t be needed by much of the US this year, the honor was appropriately won by a Florida Keys resident.

Opportunities in Key West timeshare for a very special Christmas.

Thanks to his winning video, Howard Livingston is assured that his front yard will be blanketed with tons of snow for Christmas. A Wisconsin-based special effects company will create the snow using shaved ice. Throughout the day, Christmas Day, The Weather Channel’s Adam Berg will be broadcasting live from the scene of the ‘snowfall’.

What did Livingston do to merit such an honor? He created a video explaining how much he would like to share a white Christmas with his grandson, demonstrating how in the past he has tried to create his own snow with a blender powered by a 1952 Johnson outboard motor, (which is really pretty difficult to imagine!)

Your Key West Timeshare Vacation

If you have a Key West timeshare vacation planned for Christmas, you might get to witness the first ‘snowfall’ in the Florida Keys. Otherwise, you will just have to make do with white sand, a sparkling aqua blue ocean, tropical flowers, and balmy breezes—the kind of pleasures that Key West timeshares and Florida Keys timeshares vacations are made of.