Big Splash at Saratoga Springs Disney Timeshare

Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa

One of the Disney Vacation Club’s most popular timeshare resorts, the Saratoga Springs Spa, has announced plans to renovate and refurbish its pool area. Planned for the Orlando timeshare is a new 3300 square foot, zero-entry access pool, plus a 146-foot water slide, a hot tub, and a 1600 square foot water play area for the kids.

This new pool will be triple the size of the one in the Paddock area of the Saratoga Springs Resort timeshare, while also affording a substantially larger pool deck with more chairs. New outside dining is planned with a ‘quick serve’ facility that will offer hamburgers and fries and may offer a refillable mug station, as well.

What Makes Saratoga Springs Such a Disney Timeshare Favorite

Located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida (an Orlando timeshare), Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa was built to capture the charm of the New York resort town of Saratoga Springs, known for its famous horse racing and the charm of its genteel lifestyle.

The resort’s Victorian architecture, streams, lakes, and hiking and biking trails, lend a far-away, quaint feel to this busy Disney timeshare that—just past the lush greenery and calm—is at the hub of the Walt Disney World Vacation Resort.

Disney Vacation Club timeshare remains popular with Disney timeshare owners year-in and year-out, with overall member satisfaction consistently ranking around 90 percent.

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