Missing Westgate Timeshare Employee Remains a Mystery

There are some anniversaries you don’t want to see roll around. Such is the case of Jennifer Kesse, a missing person case we have followed on The Timeshare Authority blog since it first became national news in January of 2006.

Investigators believe Jennifer Kesse disappeared either while preparing to go to work or en route to her job at Orlando-based Westgate timeshares. She was 24 years old at the time. Despite a massive search effort there has been little in the way of leads. Three months into the search, David Siegel, founder of Westgate timeshare, posted a $250,000 reward to anyone who provided information that lead to the safe return of Jennifer. He reportedly said that the money could be considered a reward, or a ransom but it would only be available for one month.

Now, frustrated with the lack of progress on the case, the Kesse family is again offering a now-or never reward; this time for $1,000,000. But, the clock is ticking. This reward money is available only until February 24, 2010.

For more information on the case read The Criminal Report Daily as well as these previous posts on The Timeshare Authority:

To help spread the message of Jennifer Kesse, described by law enforcement as, “an endangered adult,” post information about her on your blog, your Facebook page, your Twitter account, and anywhere that helps spread the message. Jennifer’s family and many of the investigators involved with her case believe she is the victim of human trafficking. Remember that other missing persons have been found and returned to their families, long after their abduction, and someone, somewhere, DOES know what has happened to Jennifer.

Jennifer’s picture and the flyers about her disappearance are available at www.jenniferkesse.com for printing and copying. Her family asks that you visit the website, print copies of the flyers there and:

  • Tape them to your car windows.
  • Ask everyone you know to put one on his or her car window.
  • Send copies to anyone in your family that doesn’t have a printer and lives in Central Florida.
  • Ask others to put them on their cars.
  • Stop by every truck stop you see and talk to some of the drivers and give them flyers. Ask them to drop them off at their next stop.
  • Stop by businesses with fleet vans and ask them to put the flyers in their side windows.
  • Most grocery and department stores use front windows for displays, display these flyers there.
  • Phone booths are rare, but tape flyers on the ones there are.
  • If you have family in Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana or South Carolina, send them the links and ask them to do the same thing.
  • And remember – The objective is to turn Central Florida into a moving billboard of Jennifer’s profile. The more flyers moving through the area, the more eyes we’ll have out looking for her.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Jennifer could be found and we never again have to write this tragic story on The Timeshare Authority blog?