Timeshares and Resorts, Helping “Clean Up” Haiti

Through Clean the World, hotels and timeshares are helping with Haiti relief.Recently, The Timeshare Authority blog learned about an exciting nonprofit organization. Known as “Clean the World,” this Orlando, Florida-based group works to bring the simple necessity of soap and shampoo to people in need.

And it makes sense that they would partner with hotels, motels, and timeshares in their efforts, after all, who has more unused or slightly used soap and shampoo than resorts do? But how do you hygienically recycle soap?

Clean the World has that all figured out. Using two different processes to sanitize the soap (depending on how used the soap bar is), the organization either cooks the soap to remove impurities and rebatches it into 2 oz bars, or sterilizes larger existing bars with a mix of steam and pressure.

Because Clean the World provides training materials to the hospitality industry, collection bins for the soap, and picks up the soap and shampoo bottles weekly, it soon becomes an easy habit for workers in hotels, motels, timeshares, and other resorts to become part of this recycling project.
Collecting those tiny bars of soap seems like a very small effort, doesn’t it? Yet because of Clean the World, thousands of lives can be changed as the simple dignity of cleanliness is restored; sanitation, healing, and disease control is improved; and millions of tons of waste products are kept out of landfills and waterways.

You and Your Timeshare Owners Association Can Help

If you have donations of cleaning, personal hygiene, or medical supplies to make to the Haiti relief efforts, the following resorts offer drop off centers:

Hilton Garden Inn PGA Village 8540 Commerce Centre Dr. Port St Lucie FL
International House Hotel 221 Camp Street New Orleans LA
Ocean Reef Club 35 Ocean Reef Drive Key Largo FL
Hampton Inn & Suites Tampa/ Ybor City 1301 E 7th Ave Tampa FL
The Colcord Hotel 15 N. Robinson St Oklahoma City OK
The Ambassador Hotel 1324 South Main St Tulsa OK

If you are in the Orlando area and would like to donate soap or shampoo, you can take it (or send it) to the Orlando Recycling Center

  • Clean The World
  • 8026 Sunport Drive, Ste 306
  • Orlando, FL. 32809

Hotels, motels, timeshares, resorts, and companies can donate soap and/or shampoo by contacting:

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