Timeshare Exchange Could be Key to Helping You Live Your Bucket List

Early this year, The Timeshare Authority rolled out its Blog Roll. We listed blogs that we follow and that we think are helpful, useful, or entertaining to our readers. Some are blogs with multiple contributors and large followings; others are small, newly started, or simply so quirky that their niche of readership is limited. All are worth your time to check out.

Over the next few months, we will profile the blogs on the list, giving you more insight about each one. As time goes by, we will be adding new blogs to our list, and dropping blogs if activity falls off there and the blogger stops posting regularly.

Today we are directing your attention to the Absurd Adventurers blog, written by Kathryn and Caitlin. These two young adventurers have made their bucket list and have taken on the pursuit of accomplishing it, (even though they’d rather call it by some name other than a bucket list, just to ensure that no one confuses them with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.)

Their merged list of 27 items (and still growing) is a good one. And we were struck by how many of their goals could realistically involve a timeshare. So we’ve taken a small part of their list and matched it with timeshare destinations. Our results are very interesting and just prove that owning timeshare and the opportunities of timeshare exchange can come in very hand in life, no matter your age and no matter what is on your personal bucket list:

  • Have a boxing match. Not sure where you can best have a match, but a Las Vegas timeshare puts you in a great location to see some good boxing matches.
  • Cliff dive. This one was easy, Acapulco timeshare put you in an ideal location for cliff diving. We’ve added a YouTube of Acapulco cliff diving at the end of this list, but be advised, this is not Kathryn or Caitlin in the video!
  • Climb a mountain. The choices here are too many … Gatlinburg timeshare? Vail timeshare? or maybe something really exciting like Switzerland timeshare?
  • Drive Route 66. This one was too easy… how about starting out at an Illinois timeshare, with your first road stop being an Oklahoma timeshare, followed by a night or two in a Santa Fe timeshare and of course, trails end in a California timeshare resort.
  • Experience weightlessness. Yes, we actually found several places to indulge in this experience, including one in St. Petersburg, Florida where you could also enjoy a lovely timeshare at the Coral Reef beach resort.
  • Own a house at Old Orchard Beach. If you don’t want the cost and year-round maintenance responsibilities of that Old Orchard Beach house, you might find one of the many beautiful Maine timeshares gives you all the enjoyment of owning vacation property at a much more affordable price.
  • Take a ride in a hot air balloon. We’ll look for you at the annual Albuquerque hot air balloon festival hot air balloon festival; you of course will be enjoying a New Mexico timeshare.
  • See what REALLY happens when you take a locking shopping cart to the end of the parking lot. This is an understandable goal. Why not test it in a big way by going to the parking lot at the Mall of America? You may want a Minnesota timeshare for that!
  • Want to live out your own bucket list? Consider a timeshare exchange as a way for making this happen, providing you locked in accommodation prices at the most exciting destinations worldwide and wherever you personal bucket list may take you.