5 Things You Really Want to Know about Disney Vacation Club Timeshare

Bay Lake Tower is Disney's newest timeshare resort.Yes, Disney Vacation Club Timeshare will give you a ‘home away from home’ at the Happiest Place on Earth, along with some 500 other popular resorts in the network of Disney timeshare exchange, but there’s more to know before you buy a Disney Vacation Club timeshare of your own.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most frequently asked questions about Disney timeshare. Please remember that this information can change so always check for updates before you make a buying decision or schedule a timeshare vacation.

1. Where will I find Disney timeshare resorts? (Click the links to learn more about opportunities in Disney timeshare resales and Disney timeshare rentals)

2. When I buy Disney timeshare, can I own it forever?
No. Disney timeshare is not deeded timeshare. Instead, the Disney Vacation Club sells points that you may use at your home resort, or exchange for vacations at other Disney timeshare resorts, as well as worldwide destinations. The right to use your points expires at a future date.

  • Bay Lake Towers timeshare expires January 31, 2060.
  • Animal Kingdom timeshare expires January 31, 2057.
  • Saratoga Springs timeshare expires January 31, 2054.
  • Boardwalk Villas, Beach Club Villas, Old Key West, Villas at Wilderness Lodge, Vero Beach Resort, and Hilton Head Resort timeshare expires January 31, 2042.

3. Do I pay annual dues on my Disney timeshare?
Yes. Your dues are based upon the number of points you own. For a current chart on what the percentages are, click here: Disney Timeshare Points

4. Is it true I can borrow on my Disney Vacation Club timeshare points?
Yes! Most timeshare exchange programs let you bank timeshare points for use in the future, but Disney Vacation Club also lets you borrow against next year’s points.

5. How far in advance can I book my Disney Vacation Club timeshare holiday?
You can reserve your timeshare stay up to 11 months in advance when you are vacationing at your home resort timeshare, and up to 7 months in advance at other Disney timeshares and resorts.