Theme Park Ticket Scam Says Skip the Timeshare Tour

Following up on Saturday’s The Timeshare Authority blog, (Save on Theme Park Tickets during Your Timeshare Vacation), which was loaded with tips on how to save on theme park tickets, here’s a warning, that comes from Orlando, Florida, home of many of the most popular theme parks.

Police are cracking down on fraudsters who are selling recycled theme park tickets, many using a pitch that here are discount admission tickets that you don’t have to sit through a timeshare sales pitch to receive.

But the sale of these tickets is illegal. Fox News Orlando reports, “Orange County (Sheriff’s Department) suspects at least 20 ticket booths in the area are active in a big crime ring, led by one very wealthy man. Detectives won’t tell us who he is yet. But they’ve got him in their sites.”

The fraud begins when the criminals purchase the unused days that are part of a multi-day park ticket held by unsuspecting vacationers. The person selling the ticket may receive $20-$50 for the unused tickets. The criminals then use chemicals to remove the ticketholder’s name and voilà—they have what appears to be a new and unused ticket.

Theme parks have found they are losing so much money because of this scam that they are no longer sympathetically helping the victims of the crime. Instead, when the recycled tickets fail to get the visitor into the park, (and they will fail) the duped consumer is left with no recourse and no ticket.

Remember, if you receive a discounted ticket in return for attending an authentic timeshare sales pitch, you will receive a ticket voucher, not a recycle ticket masquerading as the real thing.

This video provides you more information about this scam, a real vacation bummer.