Bluegreen Continues to Expand Services beyond Timeshares

Over the past year and a half, the Bluegreen Corporation and Bluegreen timeshares has dealt with the same challenges brought on by the tight economy and the even tighter credit market that many other timeshare companies and timeshare developers have faced. But in the tradition of what good businesspeople do when times get tough, Bluegreen has tightened its belt and at the same time looked for new sources of revenue through fee-based services.

Bluegreen, known as a provider of Colorful Places to Live and Play®, has added the fee-based management of two hotels to its services. The first is the South Mountain Resort, located in Lincoln, New Hampshire, where in 2009, Bluegreen began providing services to the timeshare portion of the resort. The second property is The Sandhurst Hotel in Ft. Pierce, Florida.

In 2009, Bluegreen launched its fee-based services with the management of timeshare resorts in Arizona, the Bahamas, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Virginia. How’s this approach working out for Bluegreen? During 2009, the company generated fee-based services revenues of $20.1 million compared to zero revenues in 2008 for fee-based services. Bluegreen’s President and CEO, John Maloney, explains, “We have continued to focus on ways to expand our business by leveraging our service and management expertise, while conserving capital.”

Earlier this week, shares of Bluegreen stock closed at a 52-week high.

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