Centsable Travel Experts on GMA Recommend Sell My Timeshare NOW

Fans of the ‘Centsable’ money-saving duo, Chrissy Pate and Kristin McKee, know them from their past appearances on Good Morning America (GMA) and their book, Be CentsAble: How to Cut Your Household Budget in Half. Now the two have applied their cost conscious strategies to travel and vacation planning with tips that save you money without compromising your vacation enjoyment… and of course, any discussion of great deals in vacationing always includes timeshare.

So here are Travel Tips #3 and 5 from the gurus of budget-conscious vacationing:

“Rent Vacation Club or Timeshare Points” and as an example, the two recommend Sell My Timeshare NOW by name as an outstanding resource. After Chrissy discovered that she could, for example, rent a $250 a night room at Disney’s Animal Kingdom timeshare for only $90, she described it as, “…like you have a timeshare, without paying all of the fees associated with a timeshare.”

“Rent Vacation Homes Directly” Although Sell My Timeshare NOW wasn’t specifically listed by name, it’s exactly the type of option they recommend. Both Pate and McKee are quick to acknowledge that when it comes to leasing or renting a vacation home, “leasing companies mark up the rental price, often even doubling it.” Sell My Timeshare NOW offers you the option to rent timeshare directly from the current owner.

Do You Rent Timeshare?

If you are not already saving money on your vacation with timeshare rentals, why not?

Many timeshare owners are thrilled to rent their timeshare or timeshare points to you rather than lose them because they cannot personally take advantage of them. Oftentimes, they are looking only to recoup their annual fees. Sometimes you can rent timeshare far in advance, but just as frequently, you will find it comes available as a last-minute deal. Either way renting timeshare or timeshare points is typically a win-win situation. And renting by-owner timeshare from Sell My Timeshare NOW means you are choosing to rent directly for the person who owns the vacation property-leaving out the middleman while keeping more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

But don’t take our word for it… Pate and McKee have already done the research for you.