WorldMark Timeshare Owners, Are You Benefiting from Bonus Time?

Opportunities in WorldMark multi-destination timeshare.Bonus time for timeshare includes timeshare weeks that have not been sold or rented by the developer, homeowners association (HOA), or timeshare exchange company. In addition to unsold weeks, a resort’s inventory may also include property that because of owner default or other reasons has returned to the hands of the HOA. When a timeshare owners association cannot rent timeshare to the general public, the HOA may choose to make the timeshare weeks available to other property owners at the resort, offering it at a greatly reduced rate.

Timeshare exchange companies may also offer their members the use of unsold weeks at a substantially discounted price. Either way, this excess inventory is typically called “bonus time” and represents one of the underutilized benefits of timeshare ownership that many people either do not know exists or do not understand how to use.

Bonus Time at WorldMark Timeshare Resorts

Each timeshare company or timeshare exchange company handles bonus time in its own way. For example, bonus time for owners of WorldMark timeshare allows timeshare owners to take advantage of any available units or last-minute cancellations within 14 days of the renter’s scheduled arrival. If the timeshare owner is booking bonus time for a guest, then the property can only be reserved five days in advance. Bookings of bonus time at WorldMark timeshare may be made in increments of one to four days

As a WorldMark timeshare owner, bonus time means you can enjoy a last minute timeshare holiday for timeshare on which you are not paying annual fees. WorldMark’s cancellation policy for bonus time does have restrictions, but is considered by many timeshare owners to be one of the most flexible available. WorldMark timeshare bonus time is not “paid” for with credits or points but is a cash rental.

WorldMark timeshare owners can search for bonus time opportunities on the WorldMark member’s web pages. Also, always remember when you are searching for last minute timeshare travel deals, that in addition to owner’s bonus time, both timeshare owners and non-owners can find excellent prices on last minute (and not so last minute) WorldMark timeshare rentals at Sell My Timeshare NOW.