10 Reasons Timeshares are a Good Deal -Part I

Last week we ran across a financial blog that gave ten reasons why timeshares are not a good deal. As you might expect, here at The Timeshare Authority, we have a different opinion.

Taking the article’s criticism of timeshare, one by one, here is Part I of a two-part series offering you 10 reasons to disagree, based on the fact that timeshares, for many vacationers, are not only a great deal, but are the very best deal:

  1. Time Shares Are a Lousy Investment. Okay this is like saying an automobile or a new shirt is a terrible investment. Never buy timeshare for investment reasons; instead buy timeshare because you want to enjoy a vacation and timeshare ownership can make that easier—period! Timeshares are not intended as an investment (neither are new shirts) so don’t buy them with that in mind.
  2. You Can Get the Same Time Share for Half the Price. No argument here. You can pay more for timeshare purchased directly from the developer or typically buy it at a discounted rate from the timeshare owner who currently owns the timeshare. This fact does not make timeshares a bad deal; it simply reinforces the point that the timeshare, the automobile, or the shirt you buy as a resale doesn’t have the same market value as that product purchased from the original vendor.
  3. You Lose 50 Percent or More When You Sell. Okay, this is getting to be like a broken record, with the original critic repeating the same point over and over. So what if you get approximately 50 percent back on your timeshare resale—how much did you get back after your last hotel stay? How much you make or lose on a timeshare sell depends on many factors including how much you paid to buy it, the timeshare season you own, and the demand for timeshare at that destination.
  4. It’s Cheaper to Rent a Time Share. Timeshare rental offers excellent deals. Sometimes it may be cheaper to rent than to own; sometimes it won’t be. But there are many different reasons to buy timeshare including ease of vacation planning, with timeshares offering the number one way to ensure that you always have at least one vacation period scheduled each year for you and your family to enjoy.
  5. Time Shares Come With Multiple Hidden Risks. It’s hard to address this because it is a non-specific criticism. Yes, there can be risks in buying timeshare. But statistics show that over 80 percent of all timeshare owners are satisfied with their purchase. Living your life comes with multiple hidden risks, as does buying a home, getting married, going on vacation at a hotel, and any number of other things that people weigh their options on and then make the decision that is best for them.

Okay, these are just the first five reasons that timeshare is not a bad deal. Be sure to check The Timeshare Authority tomorrow to read the next five.