It’s Time for a Major Refocus on the Subject of Timeshare

Do you recall being in elementary school, sitting in your desk, doing your work, while the teacher focused all of his or her attention on a few disruptive students? If you were one of the kids who followed the rules, doing your work, and trying to master long division and the names of capital cities in Europe, you must have wondered why the loudmouth in the third row could get away with interrupting the educational process for you and others who were in school to learn.

Sometimes in the timeshare industry it seems as if all the attention goes to a limited group of unscrupulous business people. Over 80 percent of all timeshare owners use and enjoy their timeshares. Some timeshare owners choose (or need) to resell timeshare. And although you hear over and over that it is impossible to resell timeshare, each month, at Sell My Timeshare NOW alone, nearly 150,000 offers to buy timeshare or rent timeshare are made for the vacation ownership properties we market and advertise.

For all the timeshare owning families that enjoy great vacations in their timeshare, and all the timeshare owners who successfully sell or rent their timeshares through reliable timeshare resales avenues including by-owner advertising and timeshare broker sales-well, I suspect they get really tired of being treated as if they made a foolish decision to buy timeshare.

…and then again, maybe they are just busy enjoying their vacation ownership property.