Life’s a Beach at Your Florida Timeshare

It’s Sunday morning and hopefully you are lingering over a second cup of coffee or perhaps sitting on your patio surveying the flowers in bloom. Summer is in full swing and if you have a Florida timeshare vacation planned, the tourism industry of Florida wants you to know that at this time, suntan oil should be a bigger concern for you than any oil spill on the beach.

As we now near the two-month mark since the tragic oil spill off the Louisiana coast, we have all heard an assortment of reports. Some seem to overplay the severity of the situation, while others brush over it too lightly. It is hard to know what is accurate, yet it is clear that our entire planet will no doubt be impacted by this nearly unfathomable environmental tragedy.

But the beaches of Florida, Florida timeshares, and the tourism industry are all begging you not to stay home and make the economic component of this tragedy worse than it already is. On Thursday, “Visit Florida” held its first industry-wide web­inar to update business owners and others about the organization’s plans to promote tourism in the wake of the spill.

Almost all the Florida beaches are clean and oil-free. If you are worried about whether your Florida timeshare vacation could be compromised by poor beach conditions, here are some resources that may help you.

Florida’s official response to the oil spill:

Florida’s official trajectory and forecast information: visit NOAA’s site.

Real-time images, webcams, Twitter feeds, beach condition updates, and videos from people in the Sunshine State now: Go to Florida Live.

And for one man’s interesting appeal to beach-loving tourists everywhere, play the video below.