Which Timeshares Are in Demand and How that Helps You as the Consumer

Last week, Sell My Timeshare NOW released its 2010 HOT 100 List, and we want to make sure you didn’t miss it. This free, downloadable report gives you valuable insight into which timeshare resales and timeshare rentals people are genuinely interested in buying or renting.

Covering the “hottest” 100 timeshares, this report ranks from number one to number one hundred, the timeshares that are advertised and marketed on the websites for Sell My Timeshare NOW, and that receive the largest number of offers to buy or rent in 2009. When you read the report, you are no longer relying on information from a timeshare sales company or timeshare developer to help you evaluate the popularity and resale demand for a resort, you are able to assess for yourself recent consumer buying patterns in timeshares.

The Sell My Timeshare NOW HOT 100 List is import to you because:

  • As a prospective timeshare buyer, you get an authentic sense of which timeshare resorts others have picked as their favorites.
  • As a timeshare owner you can gage demand for your timeshare should you want to use it as a timeshare rental or timeshare resale.
  • As an interested timeshare renter, you can determine whether to look for rentals at the most popular destinations, or to consider renting timeshare at a resort where demand is lower.

Click here to download for the 2010 Sell My Timeshare NOW HOT 100 List.