Timeshare Association (TATOC) Board Member Jennie Thompson Spreads the Real Timeshare Message

Jennie Thompson, a long time advocate of timeshares, is a Board Member of the Timeshare Association (TATOC, Timeshare Owners and Committees) is the managing director of Malaga-based, Leisure Solutions, has recently been appointed vice president of the BCCS’s Regional Committee of Andalucía.

Jennie’s appointment positions her in a key role in the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain, a position from which she will be platforming the message of timeshare’s benefits and campaigning to improve the image of timesharing and the timeshare industry within the business community in Britain and Spain. As vice president of the BCC’s Regional Committee of Andalucía, Jennie will have two years during which she will be interacting with the Foreign and Commonwealth Offices, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), international embassies, consulates, and other key business connections.

“I’m determined to educate my BCCS colleagues and foster an understanding that timeshare is a respectable industry and encourage not only more people to consider doing business with us, but more businesses to enter the industry,” says Jennie.

Here at The Timeshare Authority and Sell My Timeshare NOW, we can’t think of a better spokesperson for this message. Jennie Thompson has been an instrumental part of the timeshare industry for a long time, with an excellent understanding of what the industry needs and the timeshare and timeshare resales consumer desires and deserves. As Jennie explains, “The timeshare industry has a reputation that has been founded on selling practices, not the actual product – we need to change that.”

We couldn’t agree with you more!

Congratulations, Jennie Thompson, the timeshare industry is fortunate to have you in this role.