The Power of Your Dollar When Your Timeshare Vacation Takes You to a National Forest

In the US, there are 155 National Forests containing almost 190 million acres of protected land and 20 National Grasslands that include nearly 4 million acres of protected land. While lodging in National Forests varies (some areas permit resorts to be built within the protected forest area) when vacation accommodations are not available with the Forest or Grassland, you will find timeshare resorts nearby, and in some cases, built at the perimeters of the nationally protected land. In addition to giving you and your family a chance to get outdoors and enjoy some of America’s most scenic and natural terrain, vacation spent in a National Forrest or Grassland is as good for the US economy as it is for your body, mind, and spirit.

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  • Recreation activities within National Forests and Grasslands sustain 223,000 jobs in the rural communities within 50 miles of the protected land. These jobs include providers of whitewater rafting equipment, fishing tackle, bike rentals, game hunting equipment, even the groceries you might need to make your vacation complete.
  • $13 billion is spent by visitors to National Forests in the communities within 50 miles of the park property. Flowing into the communities, these dollars generate another $14.5 billion in economic activity.
  • Visitors to National Forests and Grasslands areas are culturally and economically diverse.
  • While 98 percent of all National Forests offer free entry, 83 percent of visitors that pay to enter a National Forest say they are satisfied that they received value for their money.
  • In 2009, despite the down economy, the US National Forest system lands saw over 170million visitors; 94 percent of the visitors say they are highly satisfied with their experience.

Simple, powerful message as you plan rejuvenating vacation time: America’s National Forests and Grasslands offer you the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of this country. When teamed with a timeshare rental or timeshare resale, they also afford you excellent opportunities for a value-priced vacation or holiday.