Today’s Timeshare Interview with TATOC Timeshare CEO, Harry Taylor

Did you tune in this week to hear Dave Thackeray of Today’s Timeshare interviewing Harry Taylor, CEO of TATOC, The Timeshare Association? It was a timely discussion as the United Kingdom Department for Business (BIS) has just announced its upcoming consultation on “how the EU Timeshare Directive will be transpositioned into UK law.”

Taylor, of TATOC, and Dave Thackeray, of Today's Timeshare.

Harry Taylor talks about ways the timeshare industry can work together creating positive change, and why doing this is so important. As he points out, most people who own timeshare, like timeshare. What they don’t like is not knowing how to sell timeshare they no longer want to own; they want to be a timeshare owner, enjoying the benefits of timeshare, without being responsible for that timeshare product “in perpetuity”.

With a call for the timeshare industry to re-think its products and services, Harry offers great insight and enthusiasm. He also talks about how TATOC is already involved with the UK Department for Business and more ways it will be getting involved in the near future, regarding the EU Timeshare Directive.

If you are interested in the future of timeshares and vacation ownership, you will definitely want to listen to this broadcast. Follow this link to play the podcast now: Play in new window