What Will Timeshare Scams do to Tomorrow Entrepreneurs?

Sell My Timeshare NOW started as a good entrepreneurial idea… that has continued to get better and

Today, Sell My Timeshare NOW is a leader in timeshare resale and rental advertising and with our brokerage arm, Timeshare Broker Services, a leader in brokered timeshare resales. The company is proven and trusted, with our websites averaging more than two million pageviews each month. But SellMyTimeshareNOW.com began seven years ago as nothing more than the vision of entrepreneurs who believed in an idea and were willing to invest energy, personal resources, and genuine sweat equity into seeing it develop.

Timeshare, as a concept, was originally the result of entrepreneurial minds willing to think, pardon the cliché, “outside the box” about new possibilities in vacation ownership. As the industry grew and time passed, companies such as Sell My Timeshare NOW developed because new entrepreneurial minds recognized unmet consumer needs in the timeshare industry and could offer cost effective ways to meet those needs.

But in a struggling global economy, with timeshares taking both deserved and unfounded criticism in the media virtually every day, you have to wonder if there is anything to entice new blood, new ideas, and exuberant entrepreneurs into this business. And if there isn’t, will the current thought leaders of the industry put forth and embrace the kind of new thinking necessary to recharge the concept, making it vibrant and flexible in all the ways it needs to be?

Why Entrepreneurs are Important to Timeshares

Startup companies in any industry (on average) account for more than 60 percent of the new jobs available. Between automation, downsizing, and the fact that more people enter the workforce each year than exit it, new job creation is critical in maintaining (or recreating)a healthy economy.

The timeshare industry began with a basic flaw, that being the absence of a process for reselling timeshare. Imagine the automobile industry without a resale option? What if car dealers offered owners no way to resell their vehicles; it would be like saying we will sell you a new car, but should you ever want to resell it and buy a different car or even get rid of it entirely and go back to riding the bus, well… you are just out of luck. Until Sell My Timeshare NOW began offering affordable, effective, and trustworthy timeshare resale solutions, timeshare owners were left struggling over what to do with a timeshare they no longer wanted to own.

The combination of a very atypical sales model for new timeshares and the lack of a viable plan for timeshare resales has haunted the industry, creating an Achilles heel of vulnerability. With no regulated or structured timeshare resales plans in place, the door was left open for unscrupulous people to jump in trying to make a quick buck off of someone else’s problem. Timeshare resale scams have popped up like a “Whack-a-mole” game, with government agencies wielding a rubber mallet, trying to keep them at bay.

As long as there are lemonade stands operated by pint-size visionaries, there will be another crop of entrepreneurs to charge into the business arena and both shake it up and smooth it out by challenging old ideas and instigating new ones. Let’s hope the timeshare industry closes the door on scammers and at the same time, puts out the welcome mat for the dreamers and doers who have so much to offer for the future.