To Russia with Love: Fractional and Timeshare Real Estate Summit

The Russia Summit is a new event designed to welcome fractional and timeshare real estate developers to the vacation ownership market in Russia. Scheduled for November 11 and 12, at Moscow’s World Trade Center, the conference describes itself as the only such event, “dedicated to helping international property developers and real estate agents do business in Russia.”

Russia Summit for fractional and timeshare real estate developers.

Among the speakers and panelists will be:

  • Elena Yurgeneva, Head of Residential, Knight Frank, who will speak on Selling international property to the Russian investor market.
  • Paul Riley, Managing Director, Unique Developments; branded as YooBulgaria and known for successfully raising prices in the midst of an economic downturn and even yielding more sales.
  • Nick Turner, The Registry Collection’s Vice President and Head of Business Development for Europe. Turner will be part of a panel discussion on “Selling Fractionals to Russian Buyers”.

In the world of timeshare, vacation ownership, and fractionals, Russia may not be the first venue that comes to mind, yet clearly it is an emerging market. When you go to (Google’s Russian search engine) and type the word “timeshare” in your browser, the very first organic listings that come up in your search engine results will include Wikipedia, for a definition of the timeshare, and then multiple web pages for Sell My Timeshare NOW. You may even find The Timeshare Authority blog, right there on page 1.

When you buy, rent, or sell timeshare or fractional properties, the marketplace is truly global.

To learn more about The Russia Summit, go to or call +7 495 253 81 58