TATOC Timeshare Association Announces New Mediation Service for Timeshares

TATOC Timeshare AssociationEurope’s leading consumer-based timeshare association has announced they are expanding their support of timeshare owners by adding a Mediation Service to their Helpline facility. TATOC’s Timeshare Helpline is open to serve all consumers, providing information and assistance with timeshare questions along with help when possible in resolving timeshare problems. TATOC is now extending these services with the addition of Mediation Service.

Timeshare mediation does not provide a judgement in a dispute, but it will assist the parties involved in reaching an agreement. Use of the TATOC timeshare Mediation Service does not preclude anyone from pursuing the matter further with an attorney or in the courts, should he or she decide that is the best course of action.

Currently TATOC’s Mediation Service includes four mediators, two in the UK, one in Spain and one in the Canary Islands. This list will expand in the future, and may include attorneys who are interested in being part of the service. As TATOC explains:

TATOC can provide a list of persons who are qualified or have experience of mediation and certain lawyers have been approached to see if they are prepared to be included in the list. It is the responsibility of the mediator to inform client how they would carry out the mediation. It is not the intention that TATOC recommends any particular lawyer or mediator; the consumer or committee will be given a list of TATOC approved mediators who have agreed to abide by the following parameters. The requirements of a mediator are to provide:-

  1. To undertake to maintain client confidentiality and to ask the parties to enter into a confidentiality agreement prior to mediation.
  2. To refuse to take on any mediation where there may be a conflict of interest.
  3. To provide a quote for costs and fees related to the amount of the claim and possibly to charge a maximum fee of £250 to an individual consumer where the claim is valued at less than £5,000.

To learn more about TATOC, the Timeshare Association, contact Harry Taylor at:
[email protected] or by telephone at: +44 (0) 161 237 3518.