It’s Not Timeshares, But it is a Hotel with Instant Pancakes

In news that has nothing to do specifically with timeshares but much to do with vacation, travel, and leisure recreation, Holiday Inn has announced that it will begin updating its bars to become social hubs. The changes are part of a two-year-long global brand re-launch that has involved IHG’s Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express properties.

The social hub concept will be test-marketed in a limited number of Holiday Inn properties in 2011, with plans to implement the idea brand-wide in 2012. Within or adjacent to the former bar area, expect to find video games, a dining area or dining patio, fire pits, and business centers. Menus will feature lunch, dinner, lots of sharable appetizers, and even breakfast. A unique highlight of the hub’s food service will be self-serve pancakes that can be ready in approximately 17 seconds.

From Pina Coladas to Pancakes; Hotel Bars to the Family Timeshare

Changes in vacation and travel patterns.Instead of Peach Bellinis and Pomegranate Mojitos, Holiday Inn is making a very purposeful move to pancakes and family-friendly social areas. What does this say about travel trends and what this generation of vacationers is seeking? Holiday Inn believes its guests would, “rather intermingle than be in-room loners.”

If the company’s research is accurate, then you have to think that this goes hand-in-hand with the ever-increasing timeshare occupancy rates, consistently topping hotel occupancy rates. Yes, people have vacationed in timeshares because they generally translate to prepaid vacation accommodations but timeshare rentals are on the rise too. And perhaps it all reflects a growing desire among people to spend enjoy family time at vacation destinations that offer more of the comforts of their own home, whether that is a spacious timeshare unit or a hotel with a game room hub and custom pancake selection.

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